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Welcome to the official website of the Vang Family Organization  -

The Vang Tshuav Mab Family Non-Profit Organization

Established Since 1999


        On Saturday, March 6, 1999, the majority of the heads of households of the Vang’s immediate families gathered in the City of Suisun City, the County of Solano, and the State of California to meet for the first time in nearly 20 years to discuss issues concerning the Vang Family’s future regarding re-organization of its family structure.  

The family structure was torn apart by the Vietnam War which ended in 1975, and caused the bonding of its family structure to be separated and resettled in many different locations around the World and in the United State of America.  On the day of the gathering, we surveyed those Vang Family members who lived in the United States and found that there were a total of 31 families, 200 people, 65 adults, 135 children; 74 sons and 61 unmarried daughters.  In terms of percentage, there were 32% of adults and 68% of children based on the total of 200 people, 55% sons and 45% of unmarried daughters based on the total of 135 children. 

Based on the result of the above meeting, we, the Vang Family, established a family structure of organization.  The purpose of this re-organization is to bring the Vang Family back together to better serve our communication, respect, love, and support each other among us.  We appointed the following members to their assigned positions based on their qualifications of family ranking, knowledge, experience, education, and/or personal ability.  It will take the majority of the members in the organization to remove any wrong doing member(s) of its organization.  The appointed members must put in the best efforts to the best of their knowledge and ability to perform to the highest honorable respects of the organization of the Vang Family’s Organization.  

In the conclusion, we would like to say we are proud of the changed that the Vang Families have accomplished.  May God blesses everyone in the family and bring us prosperity, happiness, freedom, and success in life.  

The signatures of the chairman of the Vang Family Organization and the Vice-Chairman of the Vang Family Organization below stated that this document is truth and valid.  It is a private document, it is not a public document for any means, and it should be kept that way for the rest of the constitutions of the Vang Family Organization.  

The author of this document and/or any Vang Family member shall not be held liable or responsible for any circumstances of the legal matter.  Any minor or major change in terms of deletion, addition, or modification to this document needs to be agreed to or passed by the majority of the vote.  This document is valid since the date that signed below with both original signatures with black ink.  Otherwise, this document becomes invalid document.


Mr.  Joua Pao Vang 
Mr.  Channing Vang 

Mr.  Chou Vang 

Date Signed:  November 8, 2017