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 1. Respect your elderly seriously, because this is a very important virtue among hundreds of virtues. Do not do the reverse to destroy your nature. Descendants of Hmong are expected to practice this virtue in their families.  

2. Treat your relatives that are from the same Huang family well, because they are your relatives from the same origin, even though the family has been separated into different branches. Therefore do not treat each other as enemies. Unite the family as one, and love your relatives.  

3. Treat your neighbors from the same village well, because you all share water from the same well. Always treat your neighbors as friends, help each other, but never try to hurt each other. Be close to your neighbors as if they are your “flesh and bone”, this is your duty.   

4. be polite and willing to give, politeness and giving are the method to deal with this world; do not only “kowtow” and greet people. In this way, you are actually playing a part in preventing proud from starting and growing. No proud, then there is modesty.  

5. Do your own work. Soldiers, farmer, worker, and merchants, are the different working classes in Chinese society. The ancient people said, “People become professional with their work. By working hard, but they become barren if they play too much.” Therefore, only those who accept their own responsibilities can make themselves able to make a living and be independent.   

6. Respect people from the military, because military is the top of the four groups of people (Military, farming, worker, and merchants). Give them the rest that they deserved, as they are the ones who die for you in war. This is a very practical practice.  

7. Make education the way of learning to deal with this world. This is the foundation of education.  

8. Repair the ancestral graves. Every year, we should go there and pray to our ancestors.   

9. Make names for your children that are balanced with tradition by not offending the elderly.  

10. Avoid competition and accusation in a family. So that it does not result in breaking up the close relationships of the family, nor destruction of the family and bankruptcy.   

11. Our every action must be open and justifiable by others and the heaven. Do not be greedy for money and make tricky plans, nor be sex-alcoholic, but to think deeply the significance's behind when you see the “advantages”.  

12. Avoid offending the ancestors. It has been a long tradition to notice the difference between dignity and inferiority. Do walk in the footstep of the elders.   

13. Avoid deviant. Our family must work in union against this. When they hear persons speaking wick words, they should keep a distance from it, so as to avoid the harm.  

14. Respect the law.   

15. Treasure the clan genealogy book. It was passed down from your most ancient ancestors. Hold them close to you and our family will be great. It tells the true worth of the family.