Welcome to the official website of the Vang Family Organization - Favorite Links - Suisun City, CA
Welcome to the official website of the Vang Family Organization  -

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This is a Hmong TV station broadcasting news here in California Central Valley and around the world.  Hmong Report at 7 is located in Sacramento, California.
To broadcast information news, talk show on vary topics, and entertainment to the Hmong community.

Where Asian News & Entertainment has Value!
Establish a positive relationship between the 18 Hmong clans and have equal representation from each of those 18 clans to preserve the cultural values, heritage and customs of the Hmong community.

Hmong History
The Hmong (pronounced “mong” in English) people are an Asian ethnic group. Large groups of Hmongs reside in the United States as well as other parts of the world, such as: Laos, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, China, France, French Guiana, Italy, Germany, and Canada. Hmongs are believed to have originated in China; the Hmong people migrated from Northern and Western China to Southeast Asia in the 18th century. Since the mass migration of many Hmong people to western countries; the Hmong people have slowly assimilated into modern society.


16 years of bringing free press to closed societies...

Lao People's Democratic Republic
The Embassy of the Lao PDR to the United States of America